AthenaOne EHR Mobile App Features – Review

Having a mobile application for your AthenaOne EHR system is a great way to ensure that your patients have all of the information that they need at their fingertips. There are a number of different features that you can use on the AthenaOne app, including charting, telehealth, and E-prescribing.


Using the athenaOne EHR Mobile App, physicians and nurses can deliver patient care on-the-go. The athenaOne EHR application is available for both Android and iOS devices. Users can access test results, sign orders, and videoconference with four other caregivers. The software can also be used to manage billing and medical practice management.

Athenahealth is a healthcare technology company that offers a wide range of products and services. Their solutions serve both small private practices and large health systems. It has a robust, cloud-based suite of applications that are designed to help practices meet meaningful use standards.

The athenaOne platform enables efficient clinician workflows, providing a comprehensive set of tools for delivering care in a value-based environment. The software includes a telehealth solution and an integrated EHR that improves clinician and patient engagement. The software also features an easy-to-use mobile app that is built for providers and clinical managers.

The athenaOne mobile app connects with athenaNet, a network of 150,000 healthcare organizations. The platform leverages data from all providers, providing patients with a seamless transition to new doctors. The network connects to local and national health information exchanges. It also provides an online portal for scheduling appointments.

The athenaOne platform also provides a host of clinical analytics. It analyzes interactions between clinicians and patients, providing personalized recommendations to each practice. These tools provide insight into how each organization performs. These insights help optimize performance.


Using the athenaOne EHR Mobile App, clinicians can respond to patient cases, review lab results and complete urgent tasks. In addition, patients can schedule appointments and view payment information. These features help improve patient satisfaction, and can increase retention.

The athenaOne mobile app allows providers to practice medicine from any location, while maintaining a familiar and easy-to-use interface. The app is fully integrated with athenaClinicals, the athenahealth EHR. The app also offers secure order transmission, allowing you to send prescriptions to a patient’s pharmacy.

The athenaOne mobile app is compatible with iOS devices, giving physicians access to patient medical records on the go. The app includes an easy-to-use EHR, physician management, and accounting integration. In addition, doctors can take pictures of wounds and record exams. It also offers direct access to the athenaHealth patient portal. This allows clinicians to manage their inbox, sign orders, and video conference with four other caregivers. Its comprehensive reporting capabilities allow you to monitor your practice’s performance.

AthenaNet, the athenahealth telehealth solution, is integrated into the EHR. This app offers a personalized patient chart and streamlining charting processes. It also features voice recognition. The app can be accessed with just a few taps.

AthenaPractice is a cloud-based EMR software. Its easy-to-navigate interface provides physicians with a comprehensive view of their patients, while facilitating education resources and prescription order management. It is also a great option for practices that have many specialties.


Using the athenaOne EHR Mobile App to schedule appointments is an efficient way to improve communication between physicians and patients. In addition to providing a secure method for scheduling appointments, the app can also facilitate hands-free documentation. Its interface is simple and intuitive, allowing clinicians to practice medicine from anywhere.

AthenaOne’s EHR is cloud-based and can be accessed from any device. It features a streamlined charting process, as well as a customizable patient chart. It also offers a number of interoperability tools. These tools enable patients to register online, pay bills, and communicate with their medical staff.

The athenaOne app also allows providers to manage their daily schedules. They can set up recurring appointment reminders via email. They can view lab results and track orders. The app also integrates with athenaClinicals, a comprehensive EHR system. The app allows doctors to take pictures of wounds, document exams, and review test results.

AthenaOne also offers a telehealth solution that is embedded into the EHR. This solution eliminates the need for separate software, making it easier for providers to get lab results and access patient records. It also allows patients to use any device to join telehealth appointments.

AthenaOne’s suite of medical software includes athenaClinicals, an easy-to-use EHR, and athenaCollector, a revenue cycle management tool. The company’s practice management software (PMS) can flag inefficiencies and suggest changes to improve performance.

Athena’s billing system provides HIPAA-compliant coding specialists. Its reporting features provide customizable weekly and monthly reports. In addition, athenahealth offers unlimited one-to-one coaching sessions. Its practice management software can also help practices meet meaningful-use standards.


Until September 30, 2020, AthenaHealth will offer free telehealth integration to existing athenaOne EHR clients. The service will allow physicians and other healthcare providers to conduct telehealth visits directly from their practice’s EHR platform. It is designed to improve access to patient care and streamline workflows. It features an embedded video conferencing feature and works with existing patient communication channels.

Its software also includes interoperability tools, which help providers share their clinical data with other organizations.

AthenaOne also provides physicians with a fully integrated EHR. Moreover, the app features a simple user interface.

The company’s telehealth service was launched during the coronavirus outbreak, which swept the nation in mid-February through late April. During this time, the athenahealth network saw a three-fourths increase in daily telehealth visits.


Using the athenaOne EHR mobile app, physicians can track orders, make sure patient payments are complete, and manage day-to-day operations. The athenaOne app provides secure order transmission.

The athenaOne app is available on both iOS and Android devices. It includes practice management, medical billing, and drug dosing information. Its cloud-based solution is designed to support various practice sizes and practice needs. It is also customizable.

With the athenaOne EHR mobile app, referring patients is easy. Physicians can enter patient information, create orders, and send them directly to the pharmacy. The app can also be used for FaceTime calls, and is designed to facilitate communication between physicians and staff.

In addition to e-prescribing, athenahealth provides telehealth services. Patients can use any device to schedule telehealth appointments. They can also pay overdue bills, and receive appointment reminders.

Athenahealth’s practice management software features customizable weekly and monthly reports. It can flag inefficiencies and suggest changes that will help practices improve performance. It can also send data to the CDC’s Immunization Information Systems database. This will ensure that physicians can meet meaningful-use requirements.

It is important to know state e-prescription rules. Healthcare organizations may incur fines if they do not follow the law. Educating staff about the rules can save time and money on legal cases.

Athenahealth’s scheduling feature allows patients to check their billing information. It also displays information about their copay, deductible, and payment plan.


Having an athenaOne EHR Mobile App can help you create an efficient and more productive practice. It allows you to access real time data on the go.

AthenaOne offers powerful practice management reporting, as well as denials resolution management. AthenaOne is also equipped with medical coding service.

AthenaHealth is a cloud-based, EHR solution that connects providers, patients, and partners. It is used by over 160,000 providers and serves organizations of all sizes. Using the athenaOne solution, providers can automate administrative tasks to improve care coordination and financial outcomes. It also enables practices to meet the meaningful use standards.

AthenaOne specializes in practice management solutions and revenue cycle management. It also provides telehealth tools embedded in its EHR. With the athenaOne mobile app, clinicians can interact with patients by video conferencing. It also supports group call campaigns.

AthenaOne’s cloud-based platform eliminates the risk of losing critical patient records.  reminders. Moreover, it offers in-person support and updated online training.

AthenaOne’s software is suitable for both specialty and primary care practices. It also works well for imaging centers.

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