Boost content marketing with text and social messaging Apps

Brands need to be present where their customers are present. If not you will not be available where your customers are, and there are chances that you will lose your customers.

As said by current stats more than 3.6 

billion people are using social media and more than 3.5 billion people use smartphones. This is the reason why businesses cannot ignore the importance of SMS and social messaging marketing to promote their content. 

This article describes the methods to promote content via text and social messaging Apps

Identify the Right social media Platforms

Brands must identify the right platform for their business. This is the most basic step of all.

Understanding which ideal platform is based on your customers is necessary. To do this brands must look at the insights. Check all your social media platforms. Which one do you have the maximum followers on? Where is the customer engagement highest? Brands must test their marketing strategy on the platform with high customer engagement and then expand to other platforms slowly. 

Businesses must not forget to analyze the social networks used by their competitors. This will help them target their prospective customers. 


Deliver New content via Facebook messenger. 

One can do well if they consider promoting 

content via SMS messaging Apps similar to email marketing. It is similar to sharing a newsletter with your subscribers and sharing content with your followers and leads through messaging. 

Recently in one experiment, it was found that Facebook messenger is a better alternative than e-mail marketing

Open rates of the Facebook messenger is

 204% increase in open rate and a 609% increase in click-through rate. 

 Brands should keep certain things in their mind when delivering new content via text and social messaging. 

Here are a few tips :

  •  Allow the users or the consumers about the time when they would like to receive the updates.
  • There is a text limit in messaging similar to emails. Therefore, brands must choose the best sentences from their content to incite readers into clicking on the link. 
  • Give them the option to unsubscribe to your messages at any time. 
  • Brands must segment their followers just like they segment their email audience. This will prevent you from annoying them with posts that don’t interest them.

Deliver personalized content by leveraging text marketing 

Sharing the right content at the right time is possible only via text marketing. Sending updates, promotions, offers, etc. via text message gives your brand an advantage over your competitors. It is one of the primary communication channels for several businesses. With the right steps, we can use this channel for content marketing. 

These are some tips on how to do it effectively:

  •  Prepare a  qualified List containing
  • People who are genuinely interested in your products or services. 
  • Analyze when your audience is more likely to click on the messages and schedule the messages accordingly.
  • Brands must make sure that their audience is getting personalized content based on their interest and their browsing history. 
  • Build relationships via your SMS.
  • Brands must reward those who are loyal to them so that they pass on your messages to others. 
  • Track your performance and try to optimize your messages for better responses. 

Pull relevant information from existing content by training your messaging bot. 

There are times when customers are not willing to read long content to find solutions to their problems, they want a short and quick answer. That’s where repurposing can help. 

Brands can take the help of a conversational approach to content promotion, they can 

revive a part from the existing content which answers the user’s query satisfactorily. 

For example, the users ask the bot

“Can I create bots for WhatsApp as well?”

The bot then pulls out a paragraph from the existing content to answer the query. It might be the bullet points of the youtube video, but it must satisfy the query of the consumers. 

This method allows your consumers to have access to the best content and just the most recent ones. 

However, the social media boy requires training for pulling out relevant information from the existing content. 

Apply Artificial intelligence To help followers find the most relevant content for themselves 

Except for segmentation and repurposing your content brands can make use of social messaging Apps to let them find the most relevant ones themselves. 

For example, brands can use Facebook 

Messenger chatbots help their followers find products using emojis. 

As soon as someone sends a text, the chatbots pull out emoji related to it. 

Content slider ( along with images and a small description can be sent so that the consumers can scroll through it and pick the ones they like. 

Brands must understand that letting consumers find products via text messages might be difficult and create confusion. They won’t be able to see a preview or a slider to choose the most relevant content. This will lead to several back-and-forth clicks destroying the user experience. 

However, brands can ask a few more questions, so that you understand their needs and deliver them the best content. 

Understanding what their customers need is the key to bulk SMS marketing. Short SMS is direct and precise, this is the reason why they should be appropriately typed and sent at the time.

For example, your business is in the food industry. The consumer requests a vegan recipe. Don’t hesitate to ask them about their choices, soup, fast food, smoothie, salad, etc. After receiving their response send further relevant content. 


Content marketing is helpful for prospective customers to find out about your business. The more relevant your content is the more it is good for your business as the consumers stay with you. Brands must share timely updates with their consumers and social media to build trust and nurture them. The strategies mentioned in this article are effective in bringing change in consumer engagement and the overall growth of your business. 


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