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Our store offers a range of personalized Dallas T Shirt Printing brand shirts. They are available in all styles: chic, elaborate, boyish or resolutely feminine. Browse our online catalog to discover the version that suits your preferences. For an inexpensive personalized shirt that is unlike any other, choose from our different personalization techniques including embroidery, direct digital printing, screen printing or flocking. Are you confused by the variety of customizable shirts available? Find out about the purchasing guide provided at the bottom of the page for an informed selection.

Choosing a personalized shirt: the criteria to remember

To promote your association or company, opt for an inexpensive personalized shirt. Save yourself the hassle of traveling by placing your order online from your photo. For more information, contact the advisors available to you. With their 20 years of experience, our textile wholesalers and printers of inexpensive personalized shirts know customer expectations perfectly and meet them carefully. By visiting our shelves, you will already find a range of inexpensive flocked , screen-printed and embroidered shirts, meeting all requirements. Gentlemen, purchasing an inexpensive personalized men’s shirt on our e-shop allows you to benefit from several advantages, such as:

Fast delivery for blank items

Would you like to order blank shirts? Your package will be shipped to you within 1 to 2 business days after payment is received. The items will leave the brand’s stock by carrier. We guarantee delivery traceability.

Responsible shirts

How about inexpensive and unique personalized shirts, made by a committed and responsible brand? Opt for the Russel brand, faithful to its ethical values ​​both in the manufacturing of its products and in its collaborations with other firms. It generates change while fulfilling its societal and environmental responsibilities.

Cheap personalized shirt: for what budget?

Our customizable shirts are accessible to all wallets. Thus, we make it a point of honor to choose brands with good quality/price ratios like Russel to make our inexpensive personalized shirts pieces accessible to everyone.

The Dallas T Shirt Printing brand for a quality and committed shirt

To provide you with fully responsible products, we favor collaboration with committed brands. A historic and essential brand in the promotional textile world, Russel positions itself as a pioneer in ethical terms. It offers a wide range of products, including corporate and workwear shirts. This brand, committed both socially and environmentally, makes it a point of honor to respect its commitments. In 1997, she obtained Oeko-Tex certification and in 2000, she actively participated in the creation of WRAP. Its values ​​are reflected in compliance with working condition standards in its factories. She thus advocates:
  • reasonable working hours;
  • a healthy and pleasant working atmosphere;
  • a sufficient salary;
  • condemnation of discrimination and child labor.
By choosing expensive custom shirts from Russel, you are sure to invest in sustainability. Indeed, all products are subject to drastic tests, controls and analyses. Furthermore, the brand offers 100% cotton textiles to suit all skin types, even the most sensitive. The brand thus develops its activities while taking into account the positive impacts on the environment.

Flock shirts as you wish!

Our online store sells a wide selection of inexpensive personalized shirts meeting all expectations. Whether you are looking for formal, trendy or decidedly offbeat models, you will be sure to come across the ideal reference. On the other hand, it is possible to compose different kinds of customization for a unique result. Zipped collar, multi-pocket, waterproof or hooded, all combinations are possible for a shirt that suits you. Do not hesitate to filter articles by genre to facilitate your searches on our pages. Our range is dedicated to the whole family and sorted by style or color. Thanks to our intuitive interface, it only takes a few seconds to find the item of your choice.

Discover our different shirt personalization techniques

Several techniques are used to create your inexpensive personalized shirts. They are carried out in our premises located in the north of France. We take care to choose the treatment best suited to each order. If direct digital printing, flocking or Flex are the most generally used, we nevertheless remain open to proposals for other personalization processes, in particular screen printing or embroidery.

Direct digital printing: the advantages

The direct digital printing or DGT technique is recommended for t-shirts and sweatshirts, but it is also suitable for shirts. It is appreciated for its faithful visual rendering on clothing. So, whatever the format requested, the end result is of quality. Quickly visit our pages to discover our inexpensive shirt prints from the Russel brand.

What is flocking?

Second option for personalizing clothing, vinyl flocking, also known as Flex or Quadriflex, involves cutting, printing and pressing at high temperature the image of your choice. The plastic film of the visual is then applied to the shirt. Flocking your cheap shirt is used more for lettering and logos because of its sharper outlines and brighter colors. However, this type of process offers low integration compared to direct digital printing.

Our other marking techniques available at your request

We are interested in your specific requests and recommendations. Do not hesitate to suggest them to discover the corresponding quotes. As an example, screen printing is suitable for orders with more than 100 items. For the visuals, the cost of the service depends on the degree of coloring of the batch of shirts. Embroidery also includes customization options for cheap shirts. It is also the most recommended in this case. Indeed, thanks to the artisanal printing details, this technique is all the rage with younger generations. Displaying topstitched embroidery, the embroidered shirt can be worn fitted for a woman or a man.

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