Compiled our PPC Marketing Wish List for the year 2022

The realm of sponsored search PPC marketing has had yet another action-packed and frenetic year. Which brought with it a plethora of fresh difficulties and opportunities. Even though this past year has been wonderful. And we have a lot for which to be grateful, there are still some things that may use some adjustment. However, despite our best efforts, not all of our dreams will ever come true.

In point of fact, a cursory examination of our wish lists from 2021 and 2020 reveals. That the majority of those wishes have not yet been fulfill. And some of them have even made it back onto our list for this year. Despite this, we won’t stop hoping and working for our goals!

The following are the three things at the top of our wish list for PPC in 2022:

1. A more uniform implementation of the standards governing Google Ads

Another significant difficulty is inconsistency in the enforcement of the policies that govern Google Ads. Particularly now that PPC Marketing is cracking down on actions that are prohibited.

Although we congratulate Google for its efforts to establish a safe and healthy advertising environment. We note that the company’s regulations are not always implemented in the same manner.

For instance, the policy of Google Ads forbids advertisers from promoting harmful goods and services. This includes cigarette products, explosives, and weapons, among other things. That makes perfect sense.

However, as of more recent times, Google has begun to block advertisements in which the advertiser even mentions. The aforementioned things on their website.

The fundamental issue lies in the fact that this policy is applied in a manner that is not consistent. On their websites, for instance, a number of large-scale stores. In the United States make reference to shooting supplies. Components of firearms, and accessories for ammunition.


But despite this, Google continues to let them advertise.

On the other hand, Google has banned advertisements for some of our customers (who aren’t large-scale shops). On the grounds that some of these products are mentioned in a peripheral fashion on their websites.

Another illustration is as follows: we work with two clients who operate within the same industry.  And we run quite comparable remarketing campaigns for both of them.

A violation of the advertising regulation resulted in the campaign for one client being denied permission to run.

Before Google banned it for violating its PPC Marketing policy in the same way. The campaign that was run for the second customer continued to run for another two years.


What accounts for the interval of two years?

It is true that the implementation and rollout of ad policy takes some time. But two years is completely unreasonable.

Naturally, when one of these situations arises, we bring it to the attention of our Google representatives. And they do the best they can to bring it to the attention of the Google policy team.

However, the comments we typically get aren’t very helpful to us. The majority of the time, all they do is direct us back to the Google Ads policy website.


2. Better Google support

In a sad turn of events, it seems like Google’s assistance is getting worse with each passing year. Google’s customer service representatives routinely provide us. With inaccurate information in crucial account areas. It’s almost like a daily occurrence now!

I don’t hold the customer service representatives responsible for their lack of knowledge and skill. The majority of the representatives with whom I’ve had conversations acknowledge that they are new to the industry. And I think that most of them have never even handled a Google Ads account before.

It should come as no surprise that the position of PPC Services support person is an entry-level one. It also appears that as soon as such representatives have some experience, they are move to other roles and replace by new representatives who are consider to be “green.” Without a doubt, Google rotates out our customer service representatives about once every year.

It is incomprehensible that the majority of our customers, who regularly spend tens of thousands of dollars on Google Ads, do not receive superior customer service. This situation is discouraging and upsetting, but it is make much more bothersome when reps follow a script by pushing certain techniques on us, regardless of the particular aims or wants of our clients. This makes the situation even more irritating.


And when we do give such methods a try, our Google representatives have very little to say when those strategies don’t function as promised.

At the same time, I’ll see that some of my PPC Marketing coworkers are venting their annoyance on social media about how THEIR representatives are trying to sell them the same tactics.


It’s almost as if Google Ads holds a sales conference every quarter, during which they determine which features and goods they want to market, and then instructs their support representatives to pitch those features and items, regardless of whether or not they make sense for the account.


3. Having fewer “helpful” Google ads

I have requested additional assistance from Google Ads with the first two items on our wish list. Permit me to conclude by submitting a request to Google Ads Consultant for less “assistance” in a specific domain.

On the “Recommendations” tab of its website, Google has “handily” included a “Apply All” button (seen below in red), which reads as follows:

We’ve seen customers use the “apply to all” option inadvertently on more than one occasion when they logged into their accounts to make changes to their credit card details or anything similar. And then the account goes completely awry!

Thankfully, we maintain a very close eye on the accounts of our customers, which allows us to spot errors like these very quickly. But what happens to the advertisers who accidentally make this adjustment and don’t recognize it?

The “apply all” choice should not be an option in our opinion. It’s only asking for trouble to happen to someone. I hope that the year 2022 brings you happiness and success. Here’s wishing that each and every one of our PPC dreams comes true.

But even if they don’t, we at Group Twenty Seven want to wish you and your loved ones a joyful holiday season and a prosperous new year 2022!


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