Different Types Of Content That Will Assist Your Local SEO Efforts

Here Are Nine Different Types Of Content That Will Assist Your Local SEO Efforts

8 Local SEO Examples

1. City-specific landing page

  • It’ll be fun: Local keyword rankings without a location-specific page?
  • If you have a location webpage, ranking in local SERPs will be considerably easier (SERPs).
  • Multi-location local businesses can learn from Denny’s.
  • Each location has its own page. This is the New Port Richey Denny’s page.
  • Denny’s Landing December 2021 screenshot
  • Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is another example. Jeni will talk about local landmarks and downtown districts, accompanied by photos.
  • Jeni’s December 2021 Landing Page (screenshot)
  • Root-Rooter also competed. Here’s their New York page.
  • Root-Homepage Rooter’s 2021 Root-Rooter webpage screenshot

2. Landing Page By State

Content creation rarely excites clients. In best SEO company India, your content could make or break your attempt to get from Page 2 or 3 to Page 1.

If creating several city-specific location pages sounds overwhelming, start with the location’s city or area.


  • Airbnb’s Miami page.
  • They created Miami-specific material. This page matches the search query exactly. Scroll.
  • Miami Airbnb.com
  • 2021 Airbnb screenshot
  • This is the best local content silo I’ve seen.
  • Not only them
  • Incfile, a sole proprietorship company similar to LegalZoom, created state-specific pages.
  • 2021 Incfile screenshot
  • Incfile was one of my clients at First Page Strategy.

Before designing state location pages, the team researched buyer profiles to understand their target market.


Incfile decided adding state location pages to their website will improve user experience. Incfile increased organic traffic and conversions.


My FAQ pages are almost ready for local SEO.

These are local businesses’ FAQ pages.

Hendy’s website has FAQs.

Handy FAQ

  • 2021 Handy screenshot Monterey Bay Aquarium has a FAQ page.
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium FAQ page, 2021 Specials
  • Local business owners love offers, discounts, and promotions.
  • Every intelligent shopper uses extreme coupons today (guilty).
  • Offer localized deals to help your clients get what they desire.
  • Hotel guests love this.
  • Hotel Chicago offers guests parking.
  • Hotel Chicago offers guests parking.
  • December 2021 Hotel Chicago screenshot.
  • Disney gives locals passes and discounts.
  • Disney’s original page
  • 2021 Disney World screenshot
  • Local discounts can attract local customers. You give them uniqueness.
  • Local SERPs are quite competitive (SERPs). Insufficient discounts don’t exist.

Host local events.

Every Friday, I check my Facebook events virtually every hour to plan my weekend.

Always a festival, free yoga class, or charity dog washes.

As a marketer, I love when local companies promote Facebook events. Their website’s lack of event information bothers me.

Nope! Ouch!

If you host a local event but don’t advertise it on your website, you’re missing out on local SEO (SEO).

Here’s how Antonelli’s Cheese Shop in Austin integrates events and classes.

Antonelli’s Cheese Shop in Austin, Texas, also offers workshops and events. Screenshot from Antonelli’s Cheese Shop, December 2021

Green Bench Brewing in St. Petersburg, Florida, is another option. Wednesdays are for hosting.

  • Petersburg’s Green Bench Brewing.
  • 2021-12 Green Bench Brewery screengrab
  • Station House rents out its premises as an event space.
  • You could rent out your space like Station House did.
  • A 2021 Station House screenshot 6. Join neighborhood events or create a calendar

Is organizing a community event as frightening to you as ordering from McDonald’s dollar menu? Like Sun coast Credit Union, you should associate with a local event. They sponsored the event and offered VIP discounts.

Sun coast Credit Union sponsored the event

Or Atlanta’s Marriott.

Atlanta Marriott event

Worked. After adding an Events Calendar to the hotel’s CMS, Milestone increased organic traffic by 81%.

If your organization can’t sponsor local activities, discuss them instead.

New York-based digital agency Launch Metrics published a report on New York Fashion Week digital trends.

Launch Metrics, a NYC digital agency, has compiled a report on NYFW digital trends.

Launch Metrics blog screenshot Action happens in a blog’s content.

Maintaining an active blog will boost your local SERP ranks if you own a local business.

Need inspiration? Here are some thought starters:

New-location announcement

  • Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream blogged about its new Wrigley shop.
  • Jeni’s new location announced
  • 2021 Jeni’s screenshot Laws
  • Jeffcott Law answers questions about Ohio’s marijuana legislation.
  • Jeffcott Law answers questions about Ohio’s marijuana legislation.
  • Jeffcott Law Product Announcements, December 2021
  • Evergreen House Heating and Energy discusses how a new Trane product will improve Seattle home heating.
  • Evergreen House Heating and Energy discusses how a new Trane product will improve Seattle home heating.
  • The December 2021 Interviews and Testimonials page for Evergreen Home Heating and Energy.
  • Asana interviews clients for testimonials.
  • Asana interviews clients for testimonials.
  • December 2021 app screenshot Asana

Best-of lists

  • When making a “best of” list, I prefer to quote T.I.’s song “You Can Have Whatever You Like.”
  • When developing a “best of” list, your goal should be to include all of a subject’s most appealing aspects.
  • Tim Capper, Online Ownership’s Director of Search, created a consolidated library of city location directions for a taxi firm, which increased keyword visibility 99 positions in SERPs (SERPs).
  • These tips included downloadable Google Maps, taxi driver dashcam guidance, and airport guides.
  • Coffee bar created amazing coffee guides.
  • The Coffee bar created these coffee guides.
  • Press pages is a fast-food chain like Wendy’s. You know it’s there, yet you ignore it.
  • I was amazed by We Work’s press page photos of each location.
  • I love homemade content.

These incredible coffee guides were developed by The Coffeebar.

When it comes to quick service restaurants, press pages are comparable to Wendy’s. You are aware that it is present, but you don’t typically pay attention to it.

When I came across the press page for WeWork, I couldn’t help but be amazed at the photographs that they had available of each of their locations.

I can’t get enough of this homegrown material!

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