2022 Digital Marketing Trends You Really Can’t Ignore

Content and media marketing, as well as the current application of artificial intelligence in marketing, are all examples of this. It’s no secret that the world of digital marketing is changing at an ever-increasing pace since 2019. The following are just a handful of the digital marketing trends that you can’t afford to ignore:

The “Influencer”

A fantastic technique to market is by word of mouth. Consumers have a high degree of faith in their peers. More recently, there has been a rise in the term “Influencer.” Employing well-known individuals with desired characteristics or abilities is a good way to set an example for others. Influencers persuade their followers to try new products or services.

These seasoned product promoters don’t take themselves too seriously. They highlight how the products and services they promote on social media are enabling them lead the lavish lifestyles they portray. Consumers are influenced to desire certain products and services as a result of this.

Messaging and Social Media Apps

As recently as a few years ago, it could have been considered “unprofessional” to provide customer service via a social network messaging application. Today’s consumers, on the other hand, are considerably more inclined to favour this alternative than in the past. Companies are providing customer service and assistance via popular chat programmes, where customers already conduct most of their business. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are two examples of this. Compared to YouTube and Facebook, social messaging apps have a larger share of their customers. The development of social commerce shows no indication of slowing down. Instagram, one of the most widely used social media platforms today, launched Instagram Checkout in March of this year. This feature enables customers to buy things by clicking on photographs of them in the app. Brands now have more tools than ever before to boost their conversion rates.

Raising the Voice of the Consumer

It is now possible for families to spend a whole day chatting with their virtual assistants and voice-activated devices. They don’t even have to pick up their phones or touch the devices they’re using to do their tasks. As of this writing, over half of all search queries are voice-based. Product and service searches are included in this. Companies are already developing digital marketing services expressly for voice-activated devices. In some cases, recipes may call for specific brands of food. Repair manuals with discounts for nearby vehicle and home repair shops are another option. No matter how people use voice, it will play an important part in the future of technology and digital marketing.

Visual Search and Digital Inspiration Collections

It’s been almost ten years since the start of Pinterest in January of 2010. Pinterest has become a popular place for people to find and organise the things they love. As the name suggests, Pinterest isn’t just for DIY and craft enthusiasts; it’s a trend that extends well beyond those communities. As a result of this and similar sites, a new digital marketing trend has emerged. It is common for users to continue using Pinterest even when they take a break from traditional social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Many businesses today understand the need of providing their customers with more than just adverts by utilising visual search and providing them with inspiration. It is estimated that 90% of the people who visit Pinterest each week make purchases as a result of seeing adverts on the site. There’s a lot of money to be made on Pinterest, with an average monthly user base of 250 million people.

Telling Stories Instead of Sharing Posts

Since the advent of social media five years ago, you’ve likely noticed that practically every platform now has a “stories” section. These features are a means of distributing short-lived material to your audience. Sharing exciting networking events and daily routines is a favourite pastime for amateurs. When used properly, these narrative features can provide major advertising potential for companies and brands. The key is to understand when and how to make use of the feature. In order to convey information or promotions that have a limited timeframe; stories on most platforms are an excellent option because they may be viewed for a limited time. Among the possibilities are: Coupons, discount codes, and sales information that only clients who follow your company’s social media accounts will be privy to. You may reach a social media marketing agency in India to promote your brand since they are a great way to mix exclusivity with excitement and FOMO (fear of missing out).

Interactive Content Creation

User-generated content (UGC) has a greater chance of influencing online shoppers because so many of today’s customers are searching for an experience whether shopping or browsing. UGC, or user-generated content, is customer-generated content; that promotes a company’s products or services. It might be tolerated or even sought out by the company.

Media, text, or other content can all be included, and it always employs a softer approach to marketing than traditional forms of advertising. Consider commercials that have done well. They portray people that consumers can identify with in familiar circumstances. These folks are using or benefiting from the products or services; that are being marketed. A new level of credibility is added to your marketing when you apply the same approach to media or other content created by real customers or users.

When they witness their friends enjoying a product; customers are more likely to believe what they are told. Additionally, brands may use this material as one of the most effective tools in their arsenal when it comes to digital marketing. Always keep in mind that the digital marketing sector changes and adapts just like any other living organism. In order to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology, you must stay informed and open-minded. You just have to watch and learn the rest.

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