Eyelash facts that may surprise you

Girls love to curl and put makeup on their eyelashes to make them look better. We do this every day to look beautiful, but most of us don’t know much about these lashes. Please find below some interesting facts about eyelashes that you should know.

For us, eyebrows are just a way to make our eyes look dark. They look good, but they do more than that. You might not have known these interesting things about eyebrows.

Growth phase: 

Eyelashes grow in three stages: the active phase (anagen), the transitional phase (catagen), and the sleeping phase (telogen). At all times, maximum lashes are in the work phase. It takes them about 16 millimeters a day to grow. Eyelashes usually grow to a length of 10 millimeters throughout their life. It only takes three months for eyelashes to grow back, and every day about five falls off. If you pull out your eyelashes, it takes them about 7 to 8 weeks to grow back. But pulling all the time could damage the skin permanently.

Composition and length of life:

A hair lives for 200 days. Every hair on your head has a life cycle of 135 days. It takes about four to eight weeks for a new eyelash to grow in and reach its full length for everyone that falls out. Because each eyelash is at a different stage of growth, you will never be without eyelashes. In terms of makeup, the parts that make up our eyebrows are the same ones that make up the hair on the head. 97% of eyelashes are made up of keratin, and only 3% are water.

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Top lashes vs. bottom lashes:

The hairs on the top of your eyes are different from the lashes on the bottom of your eyes. The first one is much thicker than the second one. The top lid has 200 to 300 eyelashes, but the bottom lid only has 100. The upper eyelashes’ bent shape and where they are placed help keep water from getting into the eyes, like rain and sweat. Also, the glands in our eyebrows make chemicals that keep our eyes from drying out and stop bacteria from growing. Styes, on the other hand, form when these tubes get plugged.

The eyelashes are not all the same length of hair. 

The ones in the middle are longer than the ones on the sides. These are very different in length. It takes 6.4 centimeters to measure the longest eyelash.

For the same reason that Careprost UK, the eyelashes on the inside of our lids help protect our eyes. The tiny hairs keep water, sweat, dirt, and other things from getting into our eyes. They do the same thing that whiskers do for cats. When something tries to get into our eyes, they are the first thing that protects us. The eyelashes can tell when something, like a bug or piece of dirt, is too close to the eyes and tell the eyelids to close to protect the eyes. The eyelashes, along with the hair on your face and eyebrows, help protect your eyes from the sun’s bright light. If you wear them, the sunlight that would hurt your eyes is blocked out very well.

They stay hidden in the hair shaft. In small amounts, they don’t hurt, but when there are a lot of them, they can make your eyelashes fall out. The number of these germs can be kept in check by taking off your makeup every night before bed. People who don’t have many eyelashes are more likely to get painful styes; the mites help keep their eyes free of infections.

Another important body part is the eyelashes. Because they protect the eyes, it’s important to keep them healthy. Using baby shampoo to wash your eyelashes every day can be helpful. Sometimes putting a warm cloth on the eyes is also helpful. It’s normal for your eyelashes to get thinner as you age. Adding more biotin, a B vitamin, to their food can help them stay full, though.

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