How do you have a community on Instagram?

What is a community on Instagram?

On Instagram, a community comprises people who follow and interact with a specific account, whether a person or a business. These people can be friends, acquaintances, or simply Internet users interested in the content published on the account. Community members can show their interest and engagement by liking, commenting, and sharing posts or by sending private messages through the social media platform Instagram.

Today, having a community on Instagram or another network is an excellent opportunity for brands who want to build consumer loyalty.

Why have a community on Instagram?

There are many reasons why having a community on Instagram can be beneficial:

First, it can help you reach new customers and increase online visibility. Additionally, an active and engaged community on Instagram can help you build a strong brand and credibility with your target audience.

A community can also give you a way to collect customer feedback and suggestions, which can help improve your product or service.

Having a community on Instagram can allow you to create original content and drive engagement by asking your followers to share content with you or running contests and games.

Important points to take into account to have an engaged community on Instagram

Before you want to create a loyal community on Instagram, you must consider several elements:

Building a community takes time

Understanding that building a robust and engaged community on Instagram takes time is essential.

Your community development strategy should be long-term, and it’s important to remember that early community members are the hardest to obtain but also the most important.

Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to build a robust and engaged community, although there are better ways to gain followers.

Early community members can encourage others in their network to follow them and care about their values, especially if those members are influencers in their community.

Recruit a community manager?

The community manager plays a vital role in the growth and consolidation of the community on Instagram.

Building a solid community requires considerable time and effort, which is why the community manager must be fully committed to their community development role.

It is crucial that the community manager is close to the community and shares their values ​​and vision because community members appreciate knowing that there is a natural person behind a business account.

Team working!

Managing and growing a community on Instagram requires many skills and is a team effort.

The community manager cannot do everything alone and will need help from the entire digital marketing team, who will need to bring their skills in project management, budgeting, writing, and content creation to the table. Project department.

Harmony and cooperation within the team are also essential to transmit a positive and supportive image to the community.

Our best tips for creating and growing your community on Instagram

  1. You position yourself in a particular niche

It cannot be easy to gain followers and succeed on Instagram without being positioned in a specific niche. To get noticed on Instagram, you must set yourself by highlighting a quality or passion that differentiates you from other accounts.

If you talk about your specialty or particularity, this will help you find your audience naturally and stand out among the many new accounts created every day on Instagram. You will then be able to reach a qualified audience.

  1. Define your target

To achieve your goals, it is crucial to define your target precisely. If you want to build an engaged community, there’s no point in targeting Instagram users who aren’t likely to convert or don’t share your values.

Before implementing your marketing strategy, take the time to identify the profile of your target community, including their age, Instagram usage habits, interests, etc. This will allow you to target your actions and attract a quality community effectively.

This target may become a fan of your brand or your account!

  1. Take care of your Instagram profile

When an Internet user comes across your Instagram profile by chance, thanks to a friend, or simply browsing the platform, your objective is to arouse their curiosity. If you manage to hold their attention, you have every chance of converting them into a subscriber.

That’s why the first impression you make is crucial. To make sure that first impression is positive, here are a few things to consider:

Your stories are highlighted and organized according to easily identifiable categories.

Your news feed is harmonious and attractive.

It’s important to remember that while feed aesthetics may no longer be as important as they once were on Instagram, it’s still essential that your content is consistent with your brand and provides an immediate sense of who you are. Universe.

  1. Interact with your followers

Followers on Instagram appreciate the proximity to brands. You offer your audience the opportunity to communicate directly with your business.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to humanize your relationship with your customers and break down the barriers between your business and them.

Communication on Instagram is more spontaneous and perceived as more authentic, so don’t hesitate to respond to comments, thank new subscribers for their follow, share your clients’ publications in stories (especially those where you are mentioned), and suggest that they subscribe if they have not already done so.

  1. Post regularly

In summary, don’t be that ghost profile that publishes content without worrying about the impact on your audience. Be active on Instagram and make your community feel represented by you.

You are the captain of the ship, so take command! If you are active on the platform, your audience will know that they can count on you to answer their questions and requests. The more you interact with it, the more visibility and new subscribers you will have.

Also, remember to interact with profiles similar to those in your community, even if they have yet to be subscribers. Like and comment on their content to encourage them to discover your account. You can also offer them a follow-up from time to time if you find them qualified. This is a strategy that can work and allow you to generate intrigue.

If you are there at the right time and place, you may have a good chance that the person will subscribe in return.

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