How to generate more engagement on Instagram

More and more freelancers and entrepreneurs are launching on Instagram with a professional account to make themselves more visible to their target audience. But among them, many become discouraged after a few months… Because the long-awaited results could be faster to appear. What if I told you that engagement is one of the most important things on Instagram? The more engagement an account generates, the more it is distributed by the algorithm! But then, what is the secret to generating more engagement on Instagram? In this article, I present the essential reflexes to improve engagement on your account!

Trigger the exchange with a post: a great classic.

This first tip is undoubtedly the best known… Normal, since it is effective and ultra-simple to implement! When we talk about engagement in an Instagram post, we can think of several things:

  • likes
  • shares
  • comments
  • recordings

Here, it is the comments that interest us. And to get some… You’ll have to get them! To encourage users to leave comments under your posts, start by ending each description with an open-ended question.

Choose a question directly related to the subject of the publication! Try to learn more about your subscribers and encourage them to talk about their experiences… And when one of them comments on one of your posts, respond quickly (and sincerely, above all).

Feel free to ask a new question in your answer. In this way, an exchange will be created naturally. Then two, then three… I hope your commitment will develop slowly but surely.

Send a personalized welcome message.

Exchanges by private messages are also taken into account by the Instagram algorithm! And to boost the number of exchanges in PM, I have my little technique. This “practice” is a bit controversial. It sends a thank you/welcome message when a new person subscribes to your account.

I have already seen the results of a survey on the subject… The question was: do you like receiving a welcome message after subscribing to an account? The trend was very clearly NO.

However, I continued to welcome people who subscribed to my account… And you know what? Someone rarely ignores this message or, worse, gets annoyed and withdraws their subscription (which would not be a big deal, in any case).

On the contrary, I receive thank you messages with smileys everywhere and even compliments on my content… So, what’s the harm? The problem lies in the form of the greeting and not in the substance. To avoid missteps, keep in mind the objective of your welcome message:

thank this new subscriber for their interest in your account/content

let him know that you are open to discussion


Above all, don’t try to “force the exchange” by asking intrusive questions at the end of your message. And please personalize each of your welcome messages! What does it cost to look up the newcomer’s first name?

Offer quality content to attract and engage your subscribers

This is the basis of a good marketing strategy on social networks, particularly on a platform like Instagram! To effectively develop your Instagram community and retain your subscribers over the long term, offering them regular, quality content is essential.

The editorial line and editorial planning

It is first necessary to establish a clear editorial line which will define the direction of all your content and thus ensure good consistency between all your publications. This will also allow you to have a harmonious and pleasant user profile.

This will define:

The most suitable tone to communicate with your audience;

The most suitable formats (photos, videos, stories, live, etc.) and the graphic references to use (typography, colour, style, etc.);

The themes and subjects to address to create maximum engagement with your audience and effectively develop your community. Your content must bring something to your users: informative, useful, fun, original, etc.

Of course, for the publication of your content to be effective, it must be specifically addressed to your target audience, which is why it is essential first to have a very good knowledge of the users you wish to reach.

Once you know what posts you will publish, it is important to create an editorial schedule to plan all your publications. By publishing regularly (photos, videos, stories, etc.), you will create a loyal audience.

Good times to publish

To maximize your publications’ reach, engage, and grow your audience, you cannot publish your posts at any time!

Choose when your users will likely be most active on Instagram! Depending on your community, certain hours should be avoided.

To know the right time to post, analyze your posts and observe when your audience’s engagement is greatest.

You can use Instagram’s statistical tools to learn from the behaviours of your community.

Depending on the results obtained from what he has published, the influencer can better target his audience’s expectations and better position himself against the competition.

Interactions with your users

To create strong and lasting relationships with community members, spending time interacting with your users is essential.

The very essence of a social network like Instagram is the bond of proximity and trust that brands can create with their subscribers. One of the keys to performing on Instagram is to interact as much as possible with your audience.


Always respond to their comments left under each of your publications;

Ask them for their opinions and listen to them;

Involve your community in the life of your brand;

Regularly thank your audience for their loyalty.

By being present, attentive, accessible and authentic, you will create a close-knit and committed community over time and maximize your chances of acquiring new subscribers and, ultimately, new customers!

Collaborate with the right influencers to increase the visibility of your account.

Using influencers is an excellent way to boost your Instagram account organically and gain visibility and subscribers quickly!

Indeed, influencer marketing relies on the prescription strength of an opinion leader or an influencer to convey a message and highlight their products or services to customers—a large audience.

Influence marketing allows you to benefit from targeted communication with a qualified audience. Brands today can no longer do without it because it is a formidable marketing lever.

Of course, for this, you must select the right influencers. That is to say, those who correspond to your brand, share the same values ​​, and have a real affinity with your products.

Remember that it is not necessarily the influencers with the most subscribers on Instagram who will bring you the best results, but those who have a truly engaged community…

To select the right influencers, several techniques are possible:

Select your influencers manually by browsing Instagram and looking at criteria such as the number of subscribers, the engagement rate, the quality and regularity of their publications, the relationship with their subscribers, etc.

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