Know The Best Natural Stone Outdoor Tiles in The Market

Soon, the weather will be nice and everyone will want to spend quality time outdoors. And, you should have a sturdy floor to walk on whether you are reading a book on your patio, having coffee by the pool or preparing meals in your outdoor barbeque kitchen. It is where our blog post is going to help you today. Selecting the right outdoor tiles can be a daunting experience since too many options are available in the market. It’s a personal choice; there is no right or wrong answer. It depends on your preferred style, financial situation, the area where you plan to use exterior tiles and even uncontrollable factors like the weather.

Out of all the available options, natural stone outdoor tiles are making waves in the landscaping industry and for obvious reasons. They are durable, resilient and sustainable. Not only this but there are too many options to pick from natural stones to fit your design aspirations.

Let’s know some of the best picks to know more about them.

  1. Travertine Outdoor Tiles

Well, when talking about natural stones, one of the most popular names in Travertine. With their timeless beauty and natural grace, these outdoor tiles offer many design possibilities for traditional and modern aesthetics. Both outside landscape designs and interior settings make use of these tiles. They are primarily formed of calcium carbonate and are created by mineral deposits in springs or groundwater that occur naturally because of geological processes beneath the earth’s surface. The product is a striking stone with unique patterns and colours that range from warm, earthy tones like beige and brown to softer shades of silver-grey.

  1. Bluestone Outdoor Tiles

Bluestone outdoor tiles are becoming increasingly popular as building materials for patios, walks, landscaping and other projects because of their timeless appeal and natural beauty. These incredible pavers are skilled at fusing design and function, transforming uninteresting outdoor areas into elegant, cosy havens. Bluestone has an exquisite appearance and is very robust. Whether you’re strolling down a beautiful sidewalk or relaxing on the porch. The exquisite beauty of your Bluestone tiles undoubtedly conveys pride and gratitude. Like any other investment, they require constant care and upkeep to guarantee they maintain their sheen and continue to add timeless beauty to your surroundings.

  1. Granite Outdoor Tiles

Granite is a timeless natural stone that has earned praise for its innate strength and durability. This rich beauty has adorned famous buildings, commercial roads, residential interiors and lobby flooring for decades. These outdoor tiles also enhance the visual appeal of many other architectural elements, including worktops in kitchens and bathrooms, outdoor walls and lobby floors. However, Granite outdoor tile’s remarkable beauty and durability go far beyond the driveways and pathways of our residences or business buildings. It has garnered great praise in contemporary design trends as a top option for highlighting outdoor living areas, such as patios, pools and walkways.

  1. Marble Outdoor Tiles

Extreme heat and pressure transform limestone into Marble, a metamorphic rock. It is characterised by various colours and tones as well as peculiar veining patterns because most of its content is calcium carbonate. Marble’s veining patterns are caused by mineral impurities mixed in during production, such as silt, clay, sand or iron oxides. No two Marble slabs are the same and they typically have distinctive hues and veining patterns. Marble is a great option for outdoor tiles because it is heat-resistant and strong enough to withstand large weights without breaking. It is a strong and durable stone that, once installed, will retain its original colour and texture for many years.

  1. Limestone Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor settings are enhanced by the timeless beauty of Limestone. A sedimentary rock produced over millions of years in the depths of ancient oceans. Its distinctive composition, which frequently includes complex natural patterns and sea fossils, lends a historical touch to any environment. Because of their adaptability, Limestone outdoor tiles can be used in modern and traditional design styles. Limestone comes in a range of gentle, earthy colours, from warm beige to cold grey. It can easily turn any outdoor space into a serene, elegant garden path or peaceful patio. It is dependable for people wishing to add timeless charm to their outdoor spaces because of its resilience to the weather and longevity.

  1. Sandstone Outdoor Tiles

Sandstone embodies outdoor charm with its naturally rough surface and warm, sun-kissed tones. In any outdoor environment, this sedimentary rock, made of mineral particles the size of sand, radiates warmth and invitingness. The ability of Sandstone outdoor tiles to fit in well with their natural surroundings has led to their increasing popularity. The earthy tones and distinctive grain patterns of sandstone tiles convey a sense of timelessness and tranquillity. Whether designing a rustic garden pathway or a calm courtyard. Beyond just being beautiful, these outdoor tiles are also highly resilient to weathering, which makes it a great material for outdoor areas that need a little beauty from nature.


There are some of the best outdoor tiles available in the market. However, one thing that should be kept in mind while choosing among these natural stones is quality. Yes, three types of grades are available: standard, commercial and premium; for the best and highest quality one, you must pick premium-grade outdoor tiles. One brand that has been the most sought-after option among all is Stone Depot. They are the most preferred natural stone wholesaler and supplier in Australia, offering a wide array of options. From Travertine outdoor pavers to Salte tiles, they have a lot of colours, textures and finishes to select from. So, what are you waiting for? Amazing outdoors are just a click away. Get free samples from Stone Depot today to make your choice easier. Read more

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