Netsmart vs DocuTAP EHR: A Comprehensive Overview for Upcoming 2023 Leading Systems!

Both Netsmart and DocuTAP are highly regarded EHR systems, but if you had to pick one, which would you use? Then, to initiate: Choosing an electronic health record (EHR) system requires careful consideration of your individual practice’s needs. However, there are more considerations, such as cost, perks, and feedback from previous customers.

We’ve compared Netsmart EHR vs DocuTAP in terms of their features, pricing, and based upon their user ratings to help you select the best EHR/EMR system for your clinical practices.

Netsmart EHR Software

From frontline doctors and nurses to ancillary staff and upper management, Netsmart EHR Software is vital for improving patient care. Therapists and primary care doctors that have to keep track of a lot of patients’ information can benefit from the tools of this system, which automates the need for manual labor. It is flexible because it uses fewer resources and can be accessed from anywhere, thanks to being hosted on the cloud. Mental health workers have access to Android and Windows versions of Netsmart.

Netsmart EHR Software, with its sleek user interface, is an intriguing, all-inclusive patient care IT solution for linking healthcare systems, and medical facilities of any size can use it. More than 130 specialist care facilities in the United States are using Netsmart, making it the undisputed leader in healthcare information technology.

A wide range of healthcare facilities could benefit from using Netsmart EHR, including rehabilitation programs, therapy sessions, and general care.

DocuTAP EHR Software

DocuTAP EHR Software is a web-based EHR system that could help you save time and money by centralizing patient records and invoicing. Despite its origins in emergency medicine, the widespread availability of mobile devices and the system’s adaptability have led to its usage in other medical settings, including primary care, psychiatry, and administration tasks. Its app’s improved charting process allows many team members to chart simultaneously, improving care coordination across clinics. Additionally, you can try out DocuTAP EHR with an on-demand demo.

DocuTAP EHR Software simplifies the process of onboarding new patients, recording their care, confirming their insurance, and billing them. The patient portal keeps patients engaged in their care, and an enterprise dashboard helps providers identify and address problems as soon as they arise.

Note: If any patients are confused by the name, Experity Health EMR is the product of the merger of DocuTAP EMR and Practice Velocity.

Netsmart vs DocuTAP Pricing

Netsmart EHR Pricing

However, the cost of the Netsmart EHR Software is still undisclosed. To acquire an accurate quote, you should get in contact with the relevant vendor. You are encouraged to work with whichever service provider you like, but to bring to your notice, Software Finder has been lauded for its reliable price quotes and expert suggestions. A Netsmart EHR demo can be requested by completing a form.

DocuTAP EHR Pricing

DocuTAP’s current price plan is similarly hidden from view. However, interested buyers may choose to get price information from the vendors. You may also request a DocuTAP demo from the vendors if you’re curious to see how the system works from the inside. You can also learn more about the system’s capabilities through DocuTAP reviews.

Netsmart vs DocuTAP Perks

Netsmart EHR Perks

  • Efficient and accurate doctor-patient interactions are possible with the help of managed services in Netsmart services like bill payment and communication software. Providing excellent treatment and encouraging patients to schedule routine checkups increases the likelihood that they will remain patients for their advanced care plan.
  • Being a virtualized system, Netsmart EHR Software comes with its essential Netsmart features accessible from any location and device. Patients who use Netsmart can access it from any internet-enabled device anytime.
  • In addition to providing optimal practice management, Netsmart EHR Software offers a standardized approach for medical centers to gather health records data and generate reports. Patient Registration allows users to examine information about a patient’s demographics, health information, procedures, insurance, authorization, and disclosures.
  • Given the widespread agreement on the need to attend to both patients’ overall health, the robust primary care functions of the Netsmart EHR Software are a significant enhancement to the medical program’s foundational structure. Netsmart EHR Software includes recording, monitoring, and payment tools despite the complexity of psychological treatment and supporting treatment plans.

DocuTAP EHR Perks

  • DocuTAP EHR Software, with its billing tools, makes the often time-consuming and laborious process of collecting patient payments much more efficient. The patient’s profile and payment history can be accessed with a few clicks from the dashboard.
  • When it comes to patient privacy, DocuTAP EHR Software has you covered. Meaningful Use, 2014 Edition, has been validated by many credible organizations, all of whom have determined that this program is up to snuff. Using the information gleaned from DocuTAP’s management and analytics, customers may understand their data more deeply, identify abnormalities in various healthcare outcomes, and pinpoint areas for clinical improvement.
  • DocuTAP is often praised in user reviews for allowing patients easy access to their medical records, online billing, and account management. Up to 40% of all treatment centers utilize DocuTAP EHR software, and it maintains a 98% satisfaction rate among its returning clients. Case management can be sped up even further if the program is configured to enter the appropriate E/M code automatically.
  • DocuTAP’s PM module allows for multiple perspectives on the EMR tracking system. Customers can find useful information when they check in, including what proportion of their bill will be covered by insurance.

Final Verdict

Netsmart EHR and DocuTAP EHR are two of the top pioneers in their distinct healthcare settings; choosing between them requires careful consideration of a number of variables, including the suitability of the system’s features for your needs, its cost, and the quality of its customer support. Software Finder can offer you a precise estimate of what you could anticipate paying because the exact pricing of each system is not yet open. Finally, both Netsmart EHR and DocuTAP EHR have free demo versions; you can reach out to the vendor for this.


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