Reasons To Invest In UAE’s Natural Mineral Water Business

Over the past century, UAE has developed into a major international business hub. People come from all around the world for employment and investment. In fact, many ex-pats spend most of their life here rather than in their native countries. All in all, the UAE’s population, particularly Dubai, sort of multiplied in the previous century.

However, despite the fact that their standard of living is equal to that of developed nations, one thing UAE lacks is natural water sources.

Since the entire UAE is a desert-like region, it’s challenging to meet both local and foreign residents’ needs for freshwater. To address this problem, the government is encouraging the private sector to invest in the water purification industry. As a result, a number of natural mineral water traders in Dubai and other major cities pop up from time to time. And as the government is finding it challenging to meet the UAE’s continuously growing population’s demand for freshwater, these companies are also estimated to see substantial growth shortly.

So, if you’re looking to set up a lucrative business model in the UAE, selling bottled water may be it. Here’s a basic guide explaining some of the major reasons why this is the right business for you.

Let’s dive in!

Reasons Why The Bottled Water Business In The UAE Is Profitable

As we all know, 71% of the Earth’s surface is just water, but only 3% of it is fresh water. This shows that not all regions have a source of pure drinking water. And this is especially true for countries like the UAE that manage their citizens’ water needs using desalination methods.

So, read on to learn why the bottled water industry is thriving in the UAE and why now’s the best time to start a bottled water business.

  • There Will Always Be A Market For Water

Indeed, mineral water is, and always will be, a profitable industry. Unlike other needless products, water is a necessity. And because of that, there will always be demand for it regardless of what happens worldwide.

Apart from that, when looking at the overall beverage category, water is the only segment that makes up the largest percentage of the market. Also, because of water pollution, people are willing to spend extra to get their hands on clean, healthy water. Therefore, the increasing water demand is the biggest reason to invest in this business.

  • Huge Profit Potential

The most wonderful aspect of starting a mineral water business is that the most important resource – water – is entirely free. Anyone can find non-drinkable water easily from anywhere. Only labels and bottle-making machines are required, and even they can be outsourced from the market. The only sizable investment is the initial set-up cost. Once these costs are paid, one can enjoy the profits of their products.

  • Employment Opportunities For Others

Operating any business requires a certain workforce. Similarly, mineral water businesses will also need a sizeable workforce, including individuals working directly for the company and those who’ll help you sell the products. Therefore, by launching a mineral water business, you are giving many locals a chance to make money.

  • Consumers Are Making Healthier Choices

In the past, people used to drink sugary sodas or unhealthy foods or beverages without giving them a second thought. However, these days, there is a growing trend for consumers to pay more attention to the foods they eat and the drinks they consume.

As a result, people now choose to consume bottled water over regular tap water. Due to the rising tendency towards diseases like obesity and thyroid, there has also been a decline in the market for carbonated and sugary drinks, which has only upped the market for bottled water. Therefore, the water demand will never become nil because of the present shift in people’s lifestyles.

  • It’s A Recession-Proof Industry

In today’s world, having access to clean, safe water is essential now more than ever. That’s why the bottled water industry is booming, even during an economic downturn, and that’s exactly why it’s a recession-proof industry. People will always need to drink water, no matter how bad the economy is. In fact, in tough times, people often turn to bottled water as a cheaper alternative to other beverages like soda and coffee.

In addition, with UAE’s year-round scorching weather, people constantly need to stay hydrated. And finally, there is a strong demand for premium bottled water, and individuals are willing to pay a premium for high-quality products.

Wrapping Up

In a country where water is and might one day become more expensive than oil, entering the bottled water business is surely a profitable venture, as can be seen through the above-given reasons.

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