Things To Keep In Mind Before Applying For Schengen Visa

How easy it is to obtain a Visa and travel internationally across frontiers! This is The Schengen Visa, which allows travellers to go through the 26 countries of Europe as if they were only one.

Things To Keep In Mind For Schengen Visa

You must learn some items before beginning the application process for a Schengen Visa.

Which Embassy To Apply

Whatever your entry point, the requirement is to apply to the nation where you will spend most nights.

What Visa To Apply For

Two major types are available: single-entry as well as multi-entry. If you intend to travel to various Schengen nations during your travels and not depart from the Schengen region between them, only a single entry Visa is acceptable. 

After you have left the Schengen region, you’ll no longer be able to apply for a single entry visa.

When To Apply

The latest you can apply for a Visa is six months prior to your trip date, and the Visa acceptance process doesn’t last more than two weeks typically.

Where To Apply

The earliest you apply for a Visa is six months prior to your trip date, and Visa processing does not require more than 2 weeks typically.

Now let’s go towards the documents necessary to apply for the Schengen visa:

Flight Booking Confirmation

you must arrange for round-trip flights prior to applying for visa. It is recommended to make flight reservations for visa applications before starting the application process.

Accommodation Proof

If you’re staying with an individual or a loved one, You must have their full details and written consent. If you are staying in a hotel or hostel, then you will have to show the documents of confirmation of booking there. 

Be aware that when traveling across multiple countries, you must provide only one hotel reservation per country. Be aware of this we all prefer to travel during the evening to avoid delays and also to cut costs on accommodation that is sensible. 

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However, the embassy demands that you submit either proof of accommodation for every night you’re in the Schengen region or travel plans in case you travel during the night. Again, book hotels that you can cancel.

Application Form

Once you have booked your flights after which, you will need to fill out the application. Print the form, copy and insert a passport-sized photo and then fill in the application.


A passport that was issued no more than 10 years old and with at minimum 2 empty Visa pages must be valid for a minimum of 3 months from the date when you have left the Schengen zone.

Also, make copies of both the front and final pages of your passport and one copy of each of the prior Visas you’ve had.

Proof Of Permanent Residence

If your passport address differs from your current address, you need to provide a copy of your rental agreement or a valid address proof.

Financial Proof

The embassy requires evidence that you have the financial funds to cover the costs of your travel. You’ll need to produce a three-month bank statement and two years’ worth of tax returns to accomplish this. 

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Insisting on this is essential. You can submit FORM-16 instead of the ITR paperwork if you don’t have it. To solidify your claim, you can additionally provide your salary statements(last 3 months)

Declaration From Your Employer

If you have a job, you’ll need to provide a statement from your employer validating your time away.

Proof Of Return

A second note from your employer in which you state that you will plan to return to your base and return to work after your journey.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance that covers up to 30,000 Euros. It is necessary as it will cover all the expenses in case of any medical emergencies.

Cover Letter

A cover letter of no more than 2 pages must explain the purpose of your visit to Schengen country and the total duration of your stay at schengen country. The cover letter should be brief.


You can go on a one-way ticket and show the dummy ticket for a Schengen visa as proof of onward travel. The pros are definitely the most effective. This will save you a lot of money by buying genuine tickets. It is not a risk to cancel your flight, only to not be granted an entry visa.

Where Would The Schengen Visa Application Be Submitted?

You have to search the embassy or consulate of the country where you want to apply. If you want to visit more countries in a single trip, then you will apply at the embassy or consulate where you want to spend more time. 

Suppose you want to visit three Schengen countries: France, Germany and Finland. If you want to spend more time in Germany, you will apply at the embassy in your country, and if you plan to spend equal time in all countries, then you will apply at the country embassy where you will enter first.

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If any document is missing, the embassy or consulate will cancel your visa application. It is mandatory to have all the necessary documents during the visa application procedure. Some embassies give 5 days from the application date for the submission of the documents.


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