Whatsapp Automation For Event Ticketing And Registration

Whatsapp automation is becoming mainstream in the event industry. Whatsapp has now become a medium to automate registrations and ticketing. Whatsapp for events can be very beneficial as you can engage, communicate and even get feedback regarding your event through it.

The best part about Whatsapp automation is that you can use it for any event. For instance, it can be a hybrid event, virtual or in-person event. So, with WhatsApp automation, you may gain a lot of advantages. And in this article, we will discuss how Whatsapp automation can benefit event ticketing and registration.

Here are the reasons why you should use Whatsapp automation for event ticketing and registrations

1. Make The Event Registration Process Efficient

When you are hosting an event, registration is the first process so try to make it simple for your attendees. Today the event registration process has become quite simple thanks to WhatsApp business automation. Whatsapp is a widely used app that makes the event ticketing and registration process easier for users. You can also design a registration page for free and paid events.

With WhatsApp business event registration management, you can go completely paperless using a QR-based M-Badge. There is an option to customize these M-Badges, they are non-transferable, and you can add the name and the photo of the attendees on it. The process is the same as when you reserve a movie ticket online and receive an e-ticket with a QR code that they can scan to let you in.

The registration process is quick and efficient participant can easily register online, or they can also register and generate tickets on-spot in case of an in-person event.

You can create a dedicated WhatsApp customer support for your attendees so that all their queries regarding the registration or ticketing process can automatically be taken care of.

2. Engagement Like Never Before

Any virtual, hybrid or in-person event is incomplete without engagement. Engagement is vital for all sorts of events; it promotes more networking opportunities. When you send a personalized message, even if it is automated, it increases the sense of belonging among the participants. Whatsapp is not just a great tool for event registration management, but it also promotes engagement. And not just WhatsApp offers numerous customization possibilities. Organizers can send personalized messages, such as a welcome messages, offers, registration updates, etc. Organizers can also create different WhatsApp campaigns for different audiences according to their interests and traits. Sharing regular updates in the form of high-quality images, documents, or another form of digital media will keep your audience engaged and create excitement among the audience.

You can add different interactive features to the WhatsApp communication tool, increasing your engagement. With the help of your WhatsApp automation and integration, you can increase engagement and interactivity of your event for everything from live polling and Q&A sessions to getting quick feedback from your attendees. Additionally, you can view campaign performance statistics based on the number of messages sent, delivered, read, and responded to.

3. Ticketing

WhatsApp can be one of the best event ticketing platforms for online event registration.

Purchasing a ticket from the counter in a traditional way won’t be an issue. However, thanks to the WhatsApp event registration system, you can easily avoid those long lines; you can easily register and get your unique non-transferable digital ticket online without much hassle. And if you are joining an in-person event for entry, you can show your digital ticket and the counter, but just in case you don’t have a ticket already, you can do on-sport registration, and you will get your ticket online within no time through WhatsApp.

One of the crucial benefits of using WhatsApp as a ticketing platform is that organizers can manage all the attendee’s information digitally without much hassle and use all the necessary information to [promote and re-target the audience for their upcoming events. In addition, due to the availability of digital tickets, your users can now visit the event venue without needing a physical ticket.

Additionally, using internet functionality, organizers may monitor real-time user journey statistics as participants access areas and leave impressions. There are several advantages of booking an event ticket through WhatsApp. For instance, you can book and share the ticket through QR codes. In addition, these digital tickets are environment-friendly.

4. Manage RSVP

The Whatsapp Business system is a great way to manage RSVPs for the event like never before. With this, you can offer your attendees a wonderful experience. You can take advantage of inviting your audience instantly using a QR-based digital invitation through WhatsApp, and your attendees can receive confirmation through the same. You can also manage +1 with the visitor in real-time at the event. It is easy to send invitations and manage your phone’s guest list and queries.

5. Notify Everything

Whatsapp as an event ticketing platform can help you with this as well. It is the best way to use WhatsApp automation, providing your audience with all the updates through push notifications, ticket updates, and broadcasts. You should always use push notification features to send updates and to welcome all your new attendees.

These push notifications and automated chats will help you track the whole journey of your users. Everything in the user’s journey can be automated and will help you save time and effort. The organizer will be able to manage multiple charts and notifications simultaneously. This WhatsApp event marketing strategy could help you promote your event and increase attendance.

6. Post-Event Feedback

Organizers are always looking for feedback from their audience after the event. But in addition, they must measure the success of their business. The Whatsapp Business APIs will help them gather and manage all the feedback from the audience.

It can also manage numerous conversations at the same time. Finally, the organizer uses the collected data and feedback to improve their future events.

The Bottom Line

WhatsApp automation is the feature many event industry organizers have shifted to. There are several benefits of using WhatsApp automation for the registration and ticketing process of the event. The most important thing you should consider is that it’s easy and accessible to a large audience. Make your events digitalized by using WhatsApp automation.

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