Why do long eyelashes look good?

Have you ever wondered why our yearning for lengthy eyelashes is constant? Why do several well-known female portrait paintings suggest that having longer eyelashes makes a face seem more attractive? 

Usually, we draw attention to them using mascara and eyeliners. Above all, we love obtaining Careprost Australia to give our lashes a more beautiful appearance than before. 

Why, then, do we place so much emphasis on this little, insignificant portion of our faces? Here’s the explanation for why we all like those beautiful, black lashes: at Wisp Lash, we have assisted hundreds of ladies with eyelash extensions!

Your eyes seem larger thanks to them.

Long black eyelashes open up your eyes and make them seem larger and brighter, regardless of their shape or color.

 It has been scientifically shown that having baby-like traits, including large eyes, makes other adults feel attracted to and in love with you. 

Back in the 1980s, a social psychology-based scientific magazine also reported that baby-like facial characteristics have a powerful effect on others when they demand honesty, compassion, or love.

They give you a youthful appearance.

As we age, we all notice that our eyelashes usually become shorter and thinner. Thus, it seems logical that the longer your eyelashes, the younger you appear. 

That’s not all, however. Dark eyelashes were discovered to draw attention to the sclera, the white portion of the eye.

 The younger you seem, the brighter it appears. Furthermore, women blink more slowly than men do, if you have ever observed this. 

Women are known for their gentle, fluttering blinks, which are made even more alluring if they have long lashes!

They have a very catchy melody.

There’s no denying that long lashes seem more striking than sparse ones. According to science, eyelashes are necessary to shield the eyes from dust in the atmosphere. 

Eyes blinking with little attention? 

Those eyes are capable of conveying so much! You may let someone know that you’d like them to strike up a discussion. In a similar vein, you may gaze in a manner that commands others to back off. Here’s a quick comparison for you to understand: Lipstick is to your lips what long, black eyelashes are to your eyes! 

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Your eyelashes function similarly to lipstick in terms of drawing attention to areas of your skin that contrast with one another.

They instill self-assurance in you.

Your confidence will soar with long lashes. Have you noticed that using mascara throughout your beauty routine makes you feel more confident? 

After using mascara or obtaining eyelash extensions, can you see a change in appearance? Isn’t that what makes a tremendous difference? 

Some ladies are blessed with naturally long lashes, while others get the same look using mascara or eyelash extensions. 

That being said, it is irrelevant. What counts is how confident it makes you feel.

These are just a few of the ways that having long eyelashes enhances your appearance and draws attention to yourself. It may surprise you to learn that a woman’s eyelashes can reveal a lot about her fertility. While this may sound strange, it’s not entirely incorrect. Excessive lash shedding is a sign of an autoimmune illness, and these conditions are very harmful to fertility.


To summarize, eyelashes are thought to be the most attractive feminine face feature. They are so powerful that cartoon characters of opposing genders, such as Mickey and Mini Mouse, only have one distinct facial characteristic: eyelashes. Once again, what distinguishes Lola Bunny from Bugs? The eyelashes! Although we have been socialized to think otherwise, lengthy lashes are not strictly a woman’s domain. They’ve been the subject of poems and book descriptions of ladies that invariably contain their eyelashes! Thus, why not attempt eyelash extensions to draw attention to this subtle but significant facial feature and enhance your already attractive appearance?

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